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Written by Cab. P. FAUCHERE M. LE FLOCH   
Le 06 March 2011


Our team is composed of 16 persons and is divided between the local Saint Ouen and Pontoise. 
  • 3 Land surveyors D.P.L.G 
  • Main 1 Framework 
  • 3 Engineers 
  • 5 Technicians 
  • 2 Assistants Technicians 
  • 2 Secretaries 


Measuring equipment: 

  • 3 Total Station LEICA TCR 1103: The total stations are total stations with laser system for measuring distances. They can measure horizontal and vertical angles to determine directions and distances, but they can also store data using a memory card in order to treat them on computer. 
  • 2 levels with 2 micrometer SLOM ANS: This is the optical levels, used to make leveling. They consist of an optical telescope mounted on a tripod. This device is used by a surveyor / Surveyor to read measurements on a ruler (sight), which is held by an operator. 
  • 1 level automatic bar code reading: These are the latest generation of optical levels.The sight is equipped with a barcode, the decoded level. Reading, recording, display and transfer to computer is automatic. The use of this device represents a significant time savings for the operator in charge of making these statements. 

Computer Hardware: 

  • 21 personal computers in network 
  • Design software: AutoCAD MAP 2010 
  • Surveying Software: TOPSTATION and COVADIS 
  • Management software: GEOCD
  • 2 large format plotters HP


  • 5 Cars 
  • 3 Motorcycles