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Written by Cab. P. FAUCHERE M. LE FLOCH   
Le 06 March 2011

Tour Majunga

This new typology of the tower to give an original character. Siituée in the axis of the Arche de la Defense, the tower will be visible Majunga the good weather from the heart of Paris.

In the South, balconies and plants appear behind glass slides. These balconies are recessed into the facade of which succeed each other throughout the height of the tower, still at odds against each other, and contrasts well with the smooth side and clean the other facades. 

The materials used for facades are glass for the frames and sills, and aluminum for the joinery and opaque parts of the facades. 

The front double skin combines multiple benefits of natural lighting of offices is abundant but they are also protected by a system of integrated sunshades. energy consumption is reduced for both lighting and cooling climates. 

3 plates appear as contiguous and deployed, self-forming and everything. This tower singular, high environmental quality, anchored to the ground by his contact with the plaza and create a sunken garden. 

"Majunga" falls into this dynamic and creative renouvellement.La successful architectural competition leads to the singularity of the responses. The project gains its uniqueness from the decomposition of its shape. The asymmetry of the plane relative to the core product the design of three bands of different thicknesses. 
The question of the towers reflects the contemporary research on lifestyles and the desire for modernity. 

tour majunga defense epad Bientôt 5 nouvelles tours à la Défense: projet validé par lEPAD