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Written by Cab. P. FAUCHERE M. LE FLOCH   
Le 06 March 2011

Tour Phare

Phare Tower will nevertheless remain much smaller than the highest skyscraper in the world, the Taipei 101 tower with a height of 508 meters located in Taiwan and recently completed (2004). The Freedom Tower, currently under construction at the site of the former twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York will measure 541 meters and will be delivered at the end of the decade, which is still far from the Burj Dubai, which has a height between 700 and 800 meters at its completion in 2008. 
At the technical level, the design of the tower lighthouse was very complex. Its strong points are indeed limited, caused by road and rail dense underground.
According to its architect, the new project has been designed with an environmental conscience.

Located between CNIT which will be directly connected and the ring road, near the Grande Arche, the building will consist of wind turbines at its summit, which will participate in the electricity supply office.

The facade of the tower will be designed to provide natural ventilation, resulting in significant gains in the field of energy conservation. Its general shape, conical curved lines, decide from those of most buildings of Defense, with straight lines.

The winning project was designated through a competitive process within the framework of a renovation plan for the construction of 450,000 square meters of which 150 000 are available in the form of demolition and reconstruction of buildingsobsolete.

Lighthouse Tower, a budget of 800 to 900 million euros and a usable area of nearly 130,000 square meters, will far exceed the height of all its neighboring business district located in Courbevoie Paris / Puteaux. At a height of 300 meters, height similar to the Eiffel Tower (320 meters), it will be higher than the total tower, the current tallest building defense (187 yards). It will also be higher than the Montparnasse Tower, located in Paris at a height of 210 meters.

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